United Aunties Arts Association

Terms of Use


The nature of our projects is such that participants presently do not physically engage with one another as they collaborate, so the risk of illness is low. However, participants are reminded to help continue preventing the spread of COVID-19 in their communities by getting vaccinated (vaccines are safe, effective against community transmission, and have a high level of protection against serious illness and death) and engaging in regular hand-washing, physical distancing, mask-wearing, and staying home when sick, even as vaccines roll out.


United Aunties is committed to protecting the privacy and security of all individuals who engage with us.

  • - Your personal information (name and contact information) will be kept completely confidential: your email will only be used for the purposes of United Aunties communicating directly with you (or through a BCC email), and your address will only be used to mail project materials to you.

  • - When collaborating with other artists, any artwork you return that is shared with your collaborator will not have any identifiable information on it.

  • - (Optional) If you consent to being identified as part of one of our projects by name and/or Instagram handle, you may opt-in on the participant sign up form. By default, your identity will remain strictly confidential.


  • By registering to participate in one of our projects, you agree that completed works might be shown online and/or in-person with the work credited to the artists and their social media accounts tagged (if opted-in). You will be notified prior to any works being physically exhibited.

  • Completed works become part of the United Aunties art archive – a digital repository of works found on our Instagram account and website, and housed physically in our Chinatown studio.

  • As a presently independently-funded organization, United Aunties does not derive any commercial gain from any of the works created as part of projects we facilitate. We may use them as examples of past initiatives in order to access future funding opportunities.

Further questions? Please don’t hesitate to reach out.