United Aunties Arts Association

Our Story

Vancouver’s Chinatown is a thriving community in the heart of the city. The lack of affordable housing and influx of market-rate developments has forced the continual displacement of low income residents who are disproportionately Indigenous, Black and racialized people. This displacement has caused the loss of countless heritage and small businesses, and buying goods from local producers in Chinatown has become increasingly difficult.

Our best response to a big issue is to start on a small scale and United Aunties was born during the COVID-19 pandemic in mid-2020. The collision of global crises heightened the need for community (and the rejection of the “imperialist white-supremacist capitalist patriarchy,” as termed by bell hooks).

United Aunties Arts Association was co-founded by Clare Yow 邱文贤 and Leo Yu 于華. They are heartened to be a part of Vancouver's Chinatown and are raising their son Theo 邱榮本, who is fifth generation Chinese-Canadian.

Our market launched in November 2020, bringing back the feeling of finding a treasure tucked away in the corner of a Chinatown specialty store. We celebrated the work of our favourite artists, artisans, and people who master their craft.

Now having grown beyond a market, our work encompasses art projects that are inspired and shaped by the community. Through our online platforms, we highlight learning resources, local creative opportunities, and initiatives and events that support a shared vision of anti-oppressive movement building.

United Aunties is a love letter to all the aunties in our lives.

We pay tribute to all the kind and badass folks who embody the auntie spirit, especially those who have been so supportive during the most difficult of times.